First Leap Nursery


First Leap Nursery has two classrooms providing a safe, secure environment for children aged from 2 to 4 years of age.


The children who attend the nursery are taught in three, needs-led groups. Currently one group comprises children who have profound and multiple learning difficulties and follow a multi sensory curriculum .The second is made up of children who have difficulties with social communication and interaction and require a structured approach to teaching and learning. Each of these groups attends for two mornings and one afternoon per week. The morning sessions include a lunchtime session which provides opportunities for the children to develop their self-help and social skills. There is a further group of younger pupils, those who have a full two years before they reach school entry age, attending for one afternoon session per week to allow us to provide early intervention. 


Pupils in First Leap Nursery are encouraged, whenever possible, to attend mainstream nurseries or playgroups during the time that they are not at First Leap Nursery. Staff in First Leap Nursery liaise with these mainstream nurseries and staff visits are exchanged.


Initially, places in First Leap Nursery are technically 2 term observation and assessment places during which time pupils will be assessed as to whether First Leap Nursery is the most appropriate placement for them. It is also during this period it is decided whether an Education, Health and Care Plan will need to be applied for and, as a result, whether the placement should be extended. During this time and process much liaison with parents and carers, as well as other involved professionals, takes place so that a future nursery placement, in whichever school is deemed most appropriate, can be planned for. 


The Nursery works closely with parents to ensure that children move on to an appropriate full-time school placement. Whilst the majority of pupils in First Leap Nursery go on to attend the Infant Department at Foreland Fields School, there are no guarantees of transfer. The kind of provision recommended is that which is the most appropriate to meet the needs of each individual. A few pupils do go on to other schools, in which case staff at First Leap Nursery liaise with the receiving school.

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