UNICEF OutRight Campaign 2017 - posted 03-11-2017

This month we will be taking part in Unicef’s OutRight 2017 campaign. OutRight is a campaign for children - by children - that helps them to promote and protect children’s rights in the UK and around the world. This year, OutRight is focused on the rights of refugee children – especially their right to protection and their right to be with family.

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Sickness and Diarrhoea - posted 07-07-2017

Some of our pupils have become unwell over the past week with sickness and diarrhoea bugs. Within school we have addressed this through ensuring good hygiene at all times. We have also had areas deep cleaned in order to avoid a spread of the infection.

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High Temperatures - 19.06.17 - posted 19-06-2017

As you are no doubt aware, we are currently experiencing some of the hottest weather Britain has seen for some time. Whilst this is nice when sat on the beach, or in the garden, with a steady flow of cold drink, as you can imagine it can be very uncomfortable for many of our pupils and students within the school setting.

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