KASS (Kent Association of Special Schools) have developed a software package (Pupil Asset) to track pupil progress that does not depend on National Curriculum Attainment Levels. This will be used at The Foreland School from September 2016.


The KASS Algorithm in Pupil Asset


The KASS algorithm was developed using historic pupil progress data covering a three-year period, across all year groups. A selection of Kent special schools provided data for the development of the progress algorithm. This data represented the progress of pupils with Profound Severe and Complex Needs, Behaviour & Learning and Communication & Interaction needs. The algorithm was developed and tested by the KASS core data group. The algorithm is referenced to but not driven by progress expectations within Progression Guidance.


The algorithm takes account of both progress from differing start points and the changing rates of progress across Key Stages as pupils move through their school lives from Year 1 through to Year 11 as is evident in our collective data.


Expected progress is generally more challenging than Progression Guidance median progress, which was seen as 'expected' progress.

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