Upper School Inclusion Class at Hartsdown Academy - Secondary Students (Key Stages 3 & 4)

Foreland Fields School has a long established partnership with Hartsdown Academy.  This provides a natural progression and transition for our students who might already have experienced inclusion opportunities at the nearby Garlinge Primary.  Students who will benefit from the chance to join mainstream students for individual lessons and social activities are candidates for the Hartsdown Inclusion Class.  We run a ‘base class’ at Hartsdown where students are taught The Foreland Fields School curriculum by Foreland Fields School staff. At the current time (September 2018) Hartsdown Academy is undergoing building work, therefore we are currently not using the base case. Keen to ensure that students continue to benefit from inclusion at the school, pupils are transported over to Hartsdown for sessions during the week. The wider Academy setting provides a range of additional opportunities not available at Foreland Fields. These include:

Key Stage 4 students currently attend the off-site inclusion classes for three days each week. On the remaining two days, one of our Key Stage 3 classes attends Hartsdown for inclusion. All students have been identified by staff at Foreland Fields School, in consultation with parents/carers, as requiring some mainstream experiences to meet their individual needs. The split attendance arrangement means that students can also continue to benefit from the range of therapies and small group opportunities available at Foreland Fields. 

We aim to help our students thrive in the mainstream secondary setting.  In addition to attending mainstream lessons, students occasionally attend House Assembly, use the library, socialise at break time, attend special events such as drama or science demonstrations and many other opportunities. It is our hope that this more challenging environment will help some of our students build upon their progress and work towards greater independence.

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