Garlinge Inclusion Class

The Foreland Fields School Inclusion Class, based at Garlinge Primary School, promotes the social and academic progress of our higher achieving Key Stage 2 students. Students have their own base classroom at Garlinge and they are taught and supported by a specialist Foreland Fields School Teacher and Teaching Assistants.

Students follow the Pioneers’ Pathway, which is designed for students that are working within National Curriculum Levels, but below age related expectations. Their curriculum, is based on the National Curriculum, with an emphasis on personal skills, life skills and independence.

Students benefit from inclusion opportunities within the mainstream school. They will integrate with their peers at break times and lunchtimes and they will join in with assemblies and special events and celebrations. They will also have opportunities to join in some lessons with support from Foreland Fields School Staff.

We have found that our students, who attend the Garlinge Inclusion Class have benefitted from opportunities to develop their social skills with age appropriate role models and they have as a result become more independent.



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