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First Leap Nursery provides a safe, secure environment for children aged from 3 to 4 years of age.

The children who access the nursery receive specialist intervention which is planned and targeted to allow staff to understand each child’s needs and plan suitable strategies for developing each child’s skills. Specialist interventions are time limited and take place either in the nursery or by the Specialist Nursery Staff seeing children at their existing nursery. 

Children in each group will usually attend for two or three sessions per week, either mornings or afternoons.

The children access the setting in needs-led groups and benefit from a play based curriculum. Staff are experienced in assessing the children’s needs and delivering individualised support based on each child’s current progress and any existing therapy programmes.

Pupils in First Leap Nursery are encouraged, whenever possible, to attend mainstream nurseries or playgroups during the time that they are not at First Leap Nursery. The special nursery team provide regular advice and support to settings working with our pupils in order to ensure consistency of approach, effective strategies and realistic expectations. The mainstream and specialist nursery liaise regularly and staff visits are exchanged.

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Places in First Leap Nursery are allocated for a 12 week intervention during which time, pupils are assessed as to whether First Leap Nursery is the most appropriate continuing placement for them. It is also during this period that it is decided whether an Education, Health and Care Plan will need to be requested. Interventions are reviewed after 12 weeks and can be extended where necessary. During this time and process the Nursery team works closely with parents to provide them with support in understanding their children’s needs and how these will affect their future.

Whilst some of the pupils at First Leap Nursery go on to attend the Infant Department of Foreland Fields School, there are no guarantees of transfer. The kind of provision recommended by the education authority at the time of issuing an EHCP is that school which is the most appropriate to meet the needs of each individual.

Many of our pupils do go on to other schools, in which case staff at First Leap Nursery liaise with the receiving school to ensure a smooth transition to Year R for every child.

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