Secondary Department – Key Stages 3 and 4


Key Stage 3 spans the age range 11 to 14, year groups 7, 8 and 9.

Key Stage 4 spans the age range 14 to 16, year groups 10 and 11.


One of the Secondary classes meets the needs of pupils who have multiple disabilities.

The class which currently caters for Deaf and Hearing Impaired students, is also housed within the Secondary Department.


Classes are organised broadly by pupil need. Opportunities for integrated activities elsewhere in the department - at our Inclusion Class at Hartsdown Technology College - are provided when appropriate and possible


The vision for the secondary department is to prepare students for life in modern Britain and the transition into adulthood. We have high expectations for all pupils and set challenging but realistic targets in all subject areas but there is also a focus on communication, independence and contributing to the school community.


In the Secondary Department, there is increased emphasis on:


Pupil progress towards targets is tracked three times per year, from 2016/17 using Pupil Asset.  Should a pupil not be making expected progress, intervention is implemented to accelerate learning.


Most of the students within the Secondary Department move on to become students in Sixth Form, Arrangements for integration and a smooth transition are made with the student and parents/carers during the final term in Secondary.

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