Pupil Premium Allocation 2017-18


Foreland Fields School received £76,505 funding for 2017/18.


Breakdown of expenditure 2017-18:


Rationale / Intended Outcomes


Additional Teacher Support (% of wage)

1:1 small group/teacher support. Communication intervention.


Hydrotherapy Support

Health benefits. Improved social participation. Improvements with balance, toleration of touch, initiation and maintenance of eye contact.


Teacher support for Pupil Premium Pupils with EAL

(% of wage)

1:1/small group intervention.



Improved emotional wellbeing of pupils through access to trained counsellor. Increased engagement in learning.


Forest School

Outdoor learning experience. Greater respect for nature. Increase in children’s self-belief, confidence, learning capacity, enthusiasm, communication and problem solving skills. Improved emotional wellbeing.


Higher Level Teaching Assistant Intervention

(% of wage)

1:1/small group support. Literacy/numeracy focussed support. Lego therapy. 


Family Liaison Officer (% of wage)

Additional support for parents and pupils/students. Increased engagement with the school. Improved attendance.


Teaching Support Assistant

1:1/small group intervention. Small group/area focussed intervention.


Music Therapy

Group/individual music based activities. Facilitate socialisation and improve music skills.

Improvements in social interaction, e.g. turn-taking / listening and responding to another person.

Improvements in reading and mathematical achievement.


Translator services

Increased parental participation in reviews/meetings


Play enrichment

Play leaders across the school. Increased enrichment opportunities. Resources to encourage participation, engagement, joint attention, communication and appropriate behaviour.


Horse riding

Development of balance and coordination. Exercise and strengthen seldom used or tense muscles. Promotion of sense of wellbeing and increased confidence.






Overspend £383.35


Impact/Outcomes of 2017/18 Pupil Premium Grant

Level and progress comparisons were made between pupils/students in receipt of the funding against those not in receipt (rest of the school).

Comparisons carried out in English and Mathematics.

See ‘Pupil Premium Comparisons 2017-18’ file (below) for full details.

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