Primary PE and Sport Premium


Athlefit and Sensory PE Activities

Funding has provided an outside trainer who runs circuit-based sessions for children who find it difficult to participate in team sports. These provide the development of basic skills including balance, coordination, gross and fine motor skills. The trainer also provides sessions of sensory activities for PMLD children that helps develop movement and response.



Funding has provided the use of a pool, swimming instructor and lifeguard for swimming sessions for pupils. A Hydrotherapy pool is on site is used for targeted children to develop their physical needs and staff support has partly been funded by the sports grant.


Special Activities

The sports grant has been used to fund variety of high quality special activities at the school:


Lunchtime and After School Activities

The sports grant has been used to provide equipment for a variety of sporting activities for children during lunchtimes and after school, including netball posts, footballs and goal nets.


Allocation of funds 2017-18


Rationale/Intended Outcomes


Athlefit and Sensory PE activities

Combines elements of athletics with a programme of keeping active. Especially beneficial for pupils with profound and multiple difficulties.


Hydrotherapy sessions

Pupils benefit from non- weight bearing exercise. Promotion of relaxation. Cardiovascular fitness (heart and lungs).

Muscle strengthening. Increase in range of motion of affected joints. Improved circulation.


Specialist exercise machine

Provides exercise and fitness for pupils with poor muscle tone.


Sport equipment

Football, rugby (tag), nets and other sport related equipment.


Swimming instruction and support

Targeted for more able swimmers – those not requiring hydrotherapy intervention.


Local sporting activities participation/support.  

Football, Rugby (tag) and Panathlon games.




Total for 2017-18


Total Spend 2017-18


Rolled over to following year




The sports grant has enabled the staff at Foreland Fields to better support the full range of different physical needs within our school.


We have been able to develop additional activities for pupils, outside the curriculum.


We have been able to make and sustain links with other community sports providers.


The sports grant has also enabled the children to participate in competitive sport with other special schools.


Children have been observed to make great improvements in many skills during the activities provided. These include increased range of movements, balance and coordination.


Ball handling skills have also improved for the majority of the participants. Children have also developed an increase in stamina. Their confidence improved during the activities.


Some children have begun to display leadership skills. School staff commented on a noticeable improvement in well-being in their children through the sheer enjoyment in taking part in all the activities mentioned.


For impact on Pupil Assessment Outcomes see 'Primary PE and Sport Premium Impact 2017-18' below



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