Well what can I say!; the weather held out, the Tea-Cups were spinning, the animals all behaved, the BBQ was sizzling, the music and entertainment were amazing, and we all had lots and lots of fun.

Thank you to everybody who came along to our fair and helped make it such a magical event for the children.

We managed to raise a total profit of £2,254!!

Once again I would like to thank the following local companies for sponsoring our fair and helping us make it such a success:             

 The Southwood Club: https://www.ramsgate-fc.co.uk/club/the-southwood/

Thorley Taverns:  https://www.thorleytaverns.co.uk/

Airport Connections: http://connections4you.net/           

The Artifical Lawn Company: www.artificiallawn.co.uk


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