Family Liaison Officer's Welcome




My name is Sharon Bremner and I am the Family Liaison Officer (FLO) at Foreland Fields School. I have worked in both special and mainstream schools for many years in a range of different positions.


My role at Foreland Fields School is to support pupils, students, parents and families. Sometimes we all need a little help and support, and maybe do not know where to turn. I enjoy working together with parents and carers to address issues and if I can’t help, I can find an agency that can. I am more than willing to meet with parents and carers in a comfy meeting room within school or I can visit them at home.


I organise training, workshops, speakers and fun things too, including an annual family trip to the pantomime in Canterbury. I have also organised a very popular Transition Event and Special Education Fayre.


I try to make life a little easier for children and their families. In response to requests, I have organised a mobile hairdresser to visit the school to cut children's hair. These sessions are held regularly across the year. I also take responsibility for organising the after school clubs.


I am also, along with the Headteacher and Deputies, a member of the Safeguarding Team at the school.


I can be contacted via the school office, or catch me on the pedestrian gate at the beginning and end of each school day. It would be great to hear from you!




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