Foreland Fields School

School Arrangements – February 2017



Every effort has been made to ensure that arrangements for the new school meet the needs of our pupils/students, families, the school and local community. It may be necessary to make changes in order to improve arrangements - therefore we are happy to receive your feedback.


Start and End of the Day

The doors of Foreland Fields School will open at 8.35am.

Any pupil or student on school transport will be collected from their vehicles by staff who will then take them to their classes. They will be escorted out to their vehicles for return home at the end of the school day.

Infant and Junior pupils brought to school by parents/carers should be taken to their classes via the side gate on the left hand side of the building. Parents/carers should then walk around the building until they reach the door of their child’s classroom where they will be met by the Class Teacher/TAs.

At the end of the school day, the gate will be opened for parents/carers to walk around the outside of the building to collect their children.

Parents and carers of secondary and post 16 students should wait outside the secondary entrance at the beginning and end of the school day where their children will be collected from/taken to them by classroom staff. We encourage our pupils to be as independent as possible, especially within the 6th Form, therefore pupils that can safely make their own way to class should enter through the secondary door.

All doors will be monitored by school staff in order to ensure that no pupil or student leaves the school site.  

The gates and doors will be closed at 8.45am. Any pupil or student arriving after this time will need to be taken to the main school Reception entrance where the Admin team will arrange for them to be collected. Pupils arriving after the register has closed at 9am will receive a late mark.  

For the first few days, staff will be on hand to direct parents/carers at the beginning and end of the day. Doors and gates will not be open until a few minutes before the start or end of the school day therefore, for your own comfort, please do not arrive too early. 


First Leap Nursery

Gates will be open for all First Leap Nursery pupils at the start and end of each session. Again, parents should make their way through the left hand side gate and take their children to the nursery. Collection at the end of sessions will be the same. 



Lower School (Early Years, Infants and Juniors) will have their lunchtime from 12pm – 1.00pm.

Upper School (Secondary and 6th Form) will have their lunchtime between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.

The reason for the staggered lunchtimes is that we want to utilise all available resources over the lunchtime period. Groups will have access to soft play, sensory rooms, the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) and the hall, plus we will be running enrichment activities such as drama and music clubs.


Any parent/carer picking their child up for lunch should go to the main Reception where the Admin team will arrange for them to be brought to Reception. 


Routes into School Grounds / Parking

Any parent transporting their child to school should enter the school grounds from Newlands Lane. The entrance for parents/carers is an immediate left turn, off Newlands Lane, after entering through the gate. We are fortunate that we have a number of designated spaces for parents and carers therefore, once in the car park, you should park in the marked spaces. Disabled spaces at the front of the school are reserved for parents/carers transporting pupils in wheelchairs. Parents should exit from the same gate they drove in on. This exit route is also shared with the minibuses and taxis therefore parents/carers must ensure caution while driving in and out of the car park. 

School transport vehicles have a separate entrance further down Newlands Lane which is only for the use of minibuses and taxis. Parents and carers should not use this entrance to come into or exit the school site.

The staff car park is opposite the main school. Please note this is for parking of school staff only.   


Smoking anywhere on the school grounds, once the first set of gates have been entered, is not permitted.


If, for any reason, these arrangements will prove difficult for you or your child please feel free to talk to a member of the leadership team. 



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