Home School Agreement


Foreland Fields School will:



◊  reinforce learning and personal development at home

◊  help pupils manage their own behaviour

◊  ensure that the needs of the whole pupil or student are met.


◊  regular planned meetings such as Goal Planning and Annual Reviews (Statement of SEN or EHCP)

◊  more frequent, informal contact through home/school liaison books and, if necessary, telephone or email.

◊  inform parents/carers of particular significant progress or difficulties and care related issues as well as informing them of any accidents or injuries involving their child.  

◊  holding other meetings, as necessary, at the school's or parent's/carer's request in order to discuss particular matters of importance.


◊  significant dates and special events.

◊  the overview of termly planned learning activities.

◊  alterations to routine arrangements



Parents/Carers are expected to:  


◊  reinforcing agreed goals and strategies.

◊  being open and honest where difficulties arise.

◊  talking with the class teacher about any matters of concern.  



◊  events or visits that their child has been involved in.

◊  anything that their child has done well at home.

◊  medical or health problems.

◊  changes to medication or their child's health needs.

◊  any accidents or injuries that may have occurred at home.   



For Pupil Agreement see 'Pupils' section.



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