Extending Provision Update 03.06.20 - posted 03-06-2020

This week we will be contacting parents/carers regarding extending our provision. As stated earlier, it is not possible at this time to offer to all parents who have requested a place, but please be assured we will be reviewing the provision each fortnight with a view to extending our offer if we are able to do so. This is obviously dependent on us having the staff available and that further extending our provision does not compromise the health and safety of our pupils and staff.

All parents will be receiving the Parent Handbook through the post over the next couple of days, which details the new ways of working in order to promote the health and safety of all members of the school community. The handbook is available on this website by following the link above. Please note, any updates to the handbook will be available on this website which clearly states the version number and date.

There are a number of important points that parents/carers should be aware of which are contained within the handbook:
• Changes to dropping of and picking up times and arrangements. These times all differ, dependent on the method of travel.
• We would like to encourage parents/carers to drive or walk wherever possible rather than use public transport.
• Parents/carers are asked that if their child needs to be accompanied to the education or childcare setting, where possible, only one parent/carer should attend with them.
• Parents/carers should not enter Reception or any other part of the school building, or the grounds, unless they have an appointment. Visitors are not permitted on site.
• We are no longer using home–school contact books, but are making use of phone calls, ClassDoJo and email as an alternative.
• Do not send in personal items such as toys, books, stationary etc. Communication devices should continue to be sent in daily.
• Lunchboxes and school bags brought into school to be wipe clean, not fabric.
• Pupil behaviour that constitutes a risk to good hygiene and COVID-19 transmission, may result in parents needing to be called to collect their child.
• School uniform is not compulsory for pupils at this time. Pupils must arrive daily in a complete set of freshly laundered clothing.
• Any pupil displaying symptoms of COVID-19 should not come to school. If the school feels that a child is displaying any signs of COVID-19, they will act immediately and send the child home. The school will always err on the side of caution in regards to a child displaying any of the symptoms, following Government and Public Health England guidelines.

In order that we can contact parents to pick up their child should we need to, it is vitally important that parents/carers are contactable by phone at all times. Could all parents/carers please ensure the school has 2 current contact numbers for us to use in an emergency.

In addition to the Parent Handbook, the Schools Risk Assessment is also available on this website. This is seen as a working document which will be updated, with the latest version being made available on the website.

Should any parent have concerns or questions regarding any of the above please email foreland@foreland.kent.sch.uk.

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Extending Provision - posted 01-06-2020

We wrote to you all at the end of last term to say that we would be in touch this week to discuss school placements for those parents who would like their child to return.

We will be contacting all parents/carers on Wednesday (3rd June) to let you know about provision moving forward.

Decisions for placement have been based on risk assessment and there may be a need for us to liaise with our colleagues within the NHS to ensure we have the correct PPE and safety measures in place to cater for the needs of specific children.

As stated in my letter, given our staffing capacity we will not be in a position to offer a place to all pupils whose parents have requested one. The plan is to grow the provision so some pupils may not be offered a place straight away but may be able to attend over the next few weeks. In the majority of cases, the most we will be able to offer any pupil considered for placement is 1 or 2 days a week or, in the case of the nursery, 1 or 2 sessions.

The emphasis on any decision made is the health and safety of our pupils and staff. Whilst we appreciate that social distancing in our context will be a challenge, we need to, as much as possible, limit interactions to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. We have completed a thorough risk assessment in order to mitigate risks associated with extending provision. We have all also planned a number of safety measures regarding the start and end of the school day. This includes the staggering of start and end times, and new arrangements for the dropping off and picking up of children. These have all been put together into a ‘Parent Handbook’ which will be sent on prior to your child returning. We do urge that you read this document thoroughly.

For any child who has transport provided, we will be liaising with transport providers.

Should any of you have any questions regarding your child’s return, could I please ask that you email us at foreland@foreland.kent.sch.uk and we will get back to you.

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Extending Provision - posted 20-05-2020

As you are all aware, like many other schools across the country, Foreland Fields School has remained open throughout this challenging period to pupils whose parents are critical workers and some other vulnerable pupils. The announcement from the Government regarding schools possibly re-opening on June 1st therefore has led to us implementing a ‘growth plan’ in order to safely accommodate more children and young people in school. In line with Government guidance for Special Schools, we are not focusing on specific year groups.

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Coronavirus Update - posted 20-05-2020

The main symptoms of coronavirus have been revised to reflect the new symptoms that are occurring. Any child or adult must not attend school if they are displaying any of the symptoms below:

High temperature this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
New, continuous cough this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

Most people with Coronavirus have at least one of these symptoms

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Online Educational Resources - posted 24-04-2020

The Government have brought together a list of online educational resources to help children to learn at home. The link to the full list of resources can be found at:


These websites have been identified by some of the country’s leading educational experts and offer a wide range of support and resources for pupils of all ages.

The list includes subject-specific resources for:
Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

SEND: apps and games
(Apps must be downloaded onto a compatible device)

Brain Parade
Description: a visual instruction app, including flash cards and picture-choosing games, for children with autism and special needs.

Description: a collection of games and resources designed for a range of educational needs and stages. It includes provision for school closure.

Sensory App House Ltd
Description: a range of apps are available for pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) or Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD). All are interactive and many do not require significant coordination abilities.

Description: an all-in-one app created to support people with communication and learning difficulties. For verbal and non-verbal learners.

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Edenred Free School Meals - posted 23-04-2020

We have noticed that a number of parents/carers have not yet redeemed their first Free School Meal voucher from Edenred. All parents registered would have been sent a link by email to redeem the voucher. If anyone has not received one, we ask that they check their Junk/Spam boxes.

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Oak National Academy - posted 23-04-2020

Oak National Academy is a new collection of high-quality lessons and online resources backed by the Government. It has been created in response to the coronavirus lockdown.

The site offers free online access, delivering video lessons, quizzes and worksheets at both primary and secondary levels. It covers a range of subjects.

The site promises new lessons and resources each week.

Whilst resources are pitched at a ‘mainstream’ level, they are currently looking at providing resources for pupils with additional needs. Some of the resources, particularly at Year R and lower Key Stages, are appropriate for many of our pupils.

The resource can be accessed at:https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom

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Free School Meals - Difficulties - posted 22-04-2020

For those of you who are still having difficulty in accessing your child’s free school meal voucher, please be assured that we will do our best to help, as quickly as we can. However, Edenred is not a school-based system and there may be a limit as to how we can assist you.

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Domestic Abuse - posted 14-04-2020

The government acknowledges that the order to stay at home can cause anxiety for those who are experiencing or feel at risk of domestic abuse. There is never an excuse for domestic abuse, no matter what the circumstances are.

The household isolation instruction as a result of COVID-19 does not apply if you need to leave your home to escape domestic abuse.

If you are in danger and unable to talk on the phone, call 999 and listen to the questions from the operator and, if possible, respond by coughing or tapping the head set.

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