Free School Meals - posted 26-01-2021

Pupils Eligible for Free School Meal Voucher Scheme

The school will be changing the way that you receive free school meal vouchers as of Monday 25th January 2021. We will no longer be posting out vouchers.
We will be going back to the government provider, Edenred.

This means that you will receive an email from Edenred in order to download your vouchers.

Please ensure the school has the correct email address for which you wish to receive these vouchers.

To update your email address please me, Lynda Carr - School Office Manager on

Vouchers will only be issued to pupils not attending school.

Vouchers will be issued on a 2 weekly basis. The first email will be sent next week covering the period 18th to 29th January 2021.

Please refer to the Edenred manual detailing how to download your vouchers on the Edenred website.

If you have any queries regarding downloading your vouchers, please contact the Edenred Helpline on 03334005932 or via their website

Unfortunately, the school will not have access to vouchers other than the ordering process, so you will need to direct any enquires to Edenred.

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School Closure - Friday 22nd January 2021 - posted 21-01-2021

Important Notice to All Parents and Carers

Unfortunately, it is necessary for us to close the school to all pupils and students tomorrow (Friday 22nd January). This includes Key Worker children.

Unfortunately, our cleaning contractors are having to self-isolate and we therefore cannot maintain the required cleaning and hygiene standards.

We are hoping to put something in place for next week and will keep in touch with parents/carers via ClassDojo and the school website.

Class teachers will be in touch regarding remote learning sessions.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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Remote Learning - Support for Parents/Carers - posted 16-01-2021

We would like to assist pupils/students that are having problems connecting to the internet to enable them to access remote learning. There are a number of ways we can support with this.

Should your child not have a device which enables them to access online sessions, please let us know as we may be able to provide a laptop.

If you do not have access to the internet, or have poor internet connection, we may be able to provide you with a 4G wireless router so your child can access home learning through their laptop or tablet.

Please contact us via the generic email account if we can be of any assistance.

Stay safe.

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Free School Meals - posted 08-01-2021

If your child is eligible for Free School Meals and is currently not attending school due to the Covid-19 pandemic, support is provided in the form of a shopping voucher. This will be £15.00 per week. Vouchers covering the first 2 weeks will be posted out to parents/carers next week, and on a fortnightly basis thereafter.  
If your child is under 19 and in full-time education, they may be eligible for free school meals. 

The quickest and easiest way to apply for free school meals is to apply online. The Government website can be found at:

Should you require any support or guidance, phone Sharon Bremner who will support you to complete the form over the phone.

If your child is not currently eligible for free school meals, or you are waiting for a benefit application to be approved, and you need food and supplies urgently, please contact Kent Together:

If you are currently in receipt of free school meals, you do not need to re-apply. 


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Lockdown - School Attendance Information - posted 05-01-2021

Many of you would have seen the Government briefing from the Prime Minister on 04.01.21 and are questioning how this impacts on your child’s attendance at the school.

Obviously we now have lots to do with regards to planning for the coming weeks. The attached letter provides parents/carers with some information regarding your child's options for attendance. Please contact us on should you have any questions.

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Part-Time Attendance - posted 04-01-2021

Happy New Year!

As you are all no doubt aware, a number of schools in the area, both primary and secondary, are closing, largely due to reduced staff numbers.

Whilst we will endeavour, as we have throughout the pandemic, to keep classes open, obviously this does impact on our staffing numbers as many have school-aged children and need to be home to look after them.

We have had to make the difficult decision to move to part-time attendance for some classes. Leaders of Learning will be in touch with any parent/carer affected.

Whilst we always try to give parents/carers notice, this is not always possible as we are often having to react to our staff availability on the day.

Return to School - January 2020 - posted 31-12-2020

You will all be aware that the Prime Minister held a briefing on Wednesday 30th December stating the contingency plans for the return of children to school from January 2021. This was due to case rates rising across the country, mainly due to the new variant of COVID-19.

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