Brexit Planning

With Brexit approaching on the 31st October, we wanted to inform you of the plans and procedures we have in place for when we leave the European Union (EU).

We have agreed that the school will remain open wherever/whenever it is safe to do so. We will adopt similar protocols to Winter Weather Procedures when making any decisions regarding whether to close.


The following headings will provide key information for you during this potentially disruptive time:


School Food

We have held discussions with our school caterers to ensure there is robust planning in place in regards to food. Caterlink have assured us that they will still be able to provide hot meals for children at lunchtimes.


Medicines and Medical Products

The Department of Health and Social Care have been working with trade bodies, product suppliers, and the health and care system to make detailed plans that should ensure continuation of the supply of medical products to the whole of the UK in the event of leaving the EU with a no-deal Brexit. Medication in school will remain the same as per school policy.

Medicines should be available from your GP or hospital as normal, although if in short supply, an alternative may be offered.

For specific advice on medicines, please refer to the NHS guidance:


Travel Disruption

Vehicle movement around the Thanet area, particularly Manston, could become disrupted due to the arrangements in place for freight vehicles. Kent County Council Highways has undertaken modelling of potential scenarios and, in collaboration with Kent Police, have attempted to put everything in place to minimise disruption.  


We have met with transport providers and have asked them to risk assess the possible effects of disruption to their vehicles, e.g. extended periods of travel for pupils with high medical needs or behaviour difficulties. After the break, we will be contacting parents of children for whom we/transport providers have assessed a significant risk, in order to discuss options.


We ask all parents/carers, prior to setting out for school, to be mindful of any changes to their journey that may impede their ability to get to school or to pick their child up at the end of the school day.


School Closure in Exceptional Circumstances

As a school we will do all we can to avoid any sort of unplanned closure and will remain open wherever it is reasonable to do so. The school does have an existing continuity plan in place to deal with unforeseen or unavoidable events, for example widespread disruption to travel.


In the unlikely event of the school closing (in part, or all of the school) then the decision to close will be based on a common sense approach, having regard to the wider circumstances - including parents’, teachers‘ and transport providers’ ability to travel - and the need to continue to provide an education to children wherever feasible to do so.


Any updates will be put out via our website, ClassDojo and posted on the Kent School Closures website which shares the information with Kent radio stations.



Should you have any further concerns, please contact the school via the school email address:

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