Consultation - Early Closure Thursday Afternoons

To all Parents/Carers and Stakeholders


I hope you are all well and coping at this unprecedented time.


Towards the beginning of this year, a proposal for early closure was put forward for consultation to all parents/carers and stakeholders. A number of responses were received, many in support of the initiative, a couple raising questions or objections. Governors debated the proposal, considering each response fully. It was unanimously decided to support the proposal and, therefore, move ahead with plans to introduce an early closure on Thursday afternoons in order to provide essential training and meeting time for our teaching and support staff.


Governors are fully aware that the COVID-19 epidemic has had a huge impact on children’s access to education and, for many, this has resulted in them not attending school for a number of months. This has had a profound impact on our pupils, many of whom are unable to understand why they have not been able to attend school, see their Teachers and friends and follow normal term-time routines. Please be assured that Governors are fully aware, and sympathetic, to the impact this global pandemic has, and continues to have, on our pupils and their parents/carers.


We are assured that the school are putting in place a period of recovery for pupils in order to settle them back into school and ensure familiarity with their environment and routines. Governors do not, therefore, feel it would be appropriate to introduce changes to the school day during this essential transition period. I must emphasise that Governors are unanimous in our support of providing this essential training time for school staff, however this should not be at the detriment of our pupils’ education and wellbeing therefore, following discussion with the Headteacher, have decided that we will not be introducing the early closure until September 2021. This will ensure that pupils are settled back into school routines and will also provide parents with over a year to make arrangements for these changes to the school day.


We are aware that our staff need to ensure they are fully trained to meet the needs of our complex children and also to increase the skills of our front line teaching staff in order to offer a first-class education for all, however we are assured by the Headteacher that a deferred start to these new arrangements will not impact on this initiative in the short term.


Governors will review these arrangements throughout the year and, if it is felt that further deferral of this initiative is required, will not hesitate to delay further. We will, of course, keep you updated as to any changes to these arrangements.


Kind regards



Steve Pamphilon

Chair of Governors

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