Coronavirus Update - March 16th 2020

Re: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


I am writing to provide an update on the current situation with regard to the school’s approach to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.


I am sure you have been following the news regarding the implications that the Coronavirus could have for those with underlying medical issues. Given the situation we find ourselves in, and in particular regards to children vulnerable to infection, with low immunity or who suffer from respiratory conditions, I respect the individual risk assessment that parents/carers make for their child and the consequent decision on whether to send them into school. If parents/carers choose to keep their child at home to reduce the risk to them, I will authorise the absence and the Local Authority is aware of my decision. This decision is entirely down to parents/carers and based upon their knowledge of their daughter/son’s needs. I am in no way telling parents/carers not to send their child into school, this is entirely their decision based upon their knowledge of their child’s needs and the consequent assessment of risk.  


I need to emphasise that as far as we are aware, we have had no confirmed cases within the school community. In all cases, we continue to follow all guidance issued by Public Health England.


In the event of a child presenting as unwell, particularly if they become ill with either a temperature or cough, we will telephone parents/carers to collect their child. It is absolutely imperative that we are able to contact parents/carers in the event of having to send a child home, therefore could I ask that all parents/carers ensure that the school has up to date contact information. Any parent/carer who has recently changed their contact details, including a new mobile phone number, should inform the school office as soon as possible. Please be advised that any child sent home, or absent from school, with a temperature and/or cough must self-isolate for at least 7 days.


At this stage, Foreland Fields School will remain open for pupils though we will provide any updates to parents via the school website, ClassDojo and, in the case of the school having to close, the Kent Closures Website:


We are aware that this is a very worrying time for all and there is much anxiety about the current situation. We would like to emphasise that we are doing everything we can to ensure the continued provision at Foreland Fields School whilst also being mindful of the health needs of our vulnerable pupils.

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