High Temperatures - 19.06.17

As you are no doubt aware, we are currently experiencing some of the hottest weather Britain has seen for some time. Whilst this is nice when sat on the beach, or in the garden, with a steady flow of cold drink, as you can imagine it can be very uncomfortable for many of our pupils and students within the school setting.


We can assureparents that we are doing all we can to keep classrooms cool and make the environment as comfortable as possible. Despite the heating being completely off, the school is, in some areas, still quite warm. On Friday (16.06.17) we purchased a number of tower fans and have been out today (19.06.17) to purchase more. These are assisting in keeping the rooms a little cooler. All classes are providing regular drinks for pupils/students.


We are very aware that many of our pupils can react adversely to the heat, which can lead to them having seizures. We have therefore instructed teachers that any particularly vulnerable pupil/student should be taken to an air conditioned room in order to ensure they are kept cool.


Can I please ask that parents/carers ensure that their child is dressed appropriately for school. Shorts and summer dresses can be worn, though I appreciate are not tolerated by all children. Could I ask that you please provide a labelled hat for your child to wear outside. Legionnaire Hats, which provide cover for the back of the neck, are obviously the most effective in preventing sunburn. In addition, please could sun tan lotion be provided for children. School staff are happy to apply lotion provided from home so please could you send it into school with your child, clearly labelled, at your earliest convenience.

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