Important Information for Parents/Carers

Finally the first day of term arrived. There was much excitement from pupils and students who were all excited to be in their new school. I was visited in my office throughout the day by many excited children. It was great to finally see them here. 

Whilst the day ran relatively smoothly, there were some improvements needed particularly at the beginning and end of the day.



Could I please ask that anyone travelling by car/van ensures that they maintain a cautious pace along Newlands Lane. There are children arriving at the nearby Royal Harbour Academy who are also having to get used to the increase in traffic. 



Any parent/career bringing their child to school by foot should walk up the left side path of Newlands Lane. There is a zebra crossing on the corner leading to the Foreland Fields' pedestrian entrance. This will mean that no one is crossing in front of traffic. We will ensure that a member of staff is at the gate for the next few days in order to guide pedestrians.



All parents/careers should use the first vehicle entrance immediately after the gates, and exit the same way. All minibuses and taxis should use the second entrance but exit through the first. 


Paths and zebra crossings are clearly marked within the school grounds so please ensure that all pedestrians only walk in designated areas. 

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