NHS Test and Trace: Covid-19 testing for pupils and students from all Year Groups and their family members

NHS Test and Trace: Covid-19 testing for pupils and students from all Year Groups and their family members

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are working to keep our schools and colleges as safe as possible. From today, the NHS are surging additional mobile testing units into our area to complement the existing MTUs, regional test sites, and local test sites. The NHS Test and Trace team will be testing all staff, students and their family members who want to participate.

Along with the other measures we are taking, these tests will help reduce the risk of people without symptoms transmitting the virus. The test is voluntary, but I would encourage all staff, pupils, students and family members to get tested.

All you need to do to be tested is to arrive at the mobile testing unit and register. Alternatively, you can book a test by visitinghttps://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test or by calling 119.

To reach this stage, the test has been tested at Public Health England’s research laboratories and is totally safe. Testing is free and provided by NHS Test and Trace.

Whilst waiting for the test result, unless you or anyone in your household are showing symptoms of COVID-19, you may carry on with your normal activities including attending work or school.

If the result of the test is positive, everyone within your household will need to self-isolate for 10 days.
Please inform us as soon as you can, if anyone in your household, or your child receives a positive test result.
You can contact us on 01843 863891 during the school day, or you can email foreland@foreland.kent.sch.uk.

We will be in contact with any individual who is a close contact of a positive case.

If pupils and students are required to self-isolate, we will continue to support them with their education remotely. We recognise this may be disruptive for your family, but it is really important to isolate to prevent the spread of the virus. There is more advice on self-isolation athttp://bit.ly/Govukselfisolate

If the test result is negative, the household will be able to continue with normal activities.

We will support staff and students throughout, but please contact us if you have any questions.

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