Possible Staff Training Day - Monday 4th January 2021

You may be aware that there is currently much discussion about rapid testing in schools. We attended the Government Webinar today and have been assured that materials and further guidance will be sent during the next week.

As you can imagine, the organisation and training required for the regular testing of pupils and staff will take some time. The DfE have suggested that schools may want to take the first day back after the holiday, Monday 4th January 2021, as an additional staff training day in order to be prepared for this new initiative.

There is therefore, a strong possibility that we will be using the proposed first day back (Monday 4th January) as staff training, with pupils first day after the Christmas holiday being Tuesday 5th January 2021.

Apologies for sending this message now, however I wanted to ensure that parents have plenty of time to make arrangements for Monday 4th January should we decide to go ahead with this training day.

We will be in touch as soon as the date is fixed and will ensure that, should we need to, we liaise with school transport providers.

Have a great Christmas


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