Red Nose Day 2017

Red Nose Day 2017





We will be marking Red Nose Day at Foreland Fields School on Friday 24th March 2017. All pupils, students and staff are invited to wear red clothing into school on the day. 


During the morning we will have a whole school challenge; to pass a giant red nose along the school corridors from one end of the school to the other without it touching the floor. All pupils, students and staff will be involved in this challenge. 


Also in the morning there will be class and department based activities to raise awareness of the many charities Red Nose Day (Comic Relief) supports. Activities will include face painting, cake baking and poster making.


In the afternoon we will be holding a whole school disco in the hall culminating in a Danceathon with prizes for the pupils/students with the best 'grooves'. Parents are invited to join us from 2pm for the disco.


Parents, carers and staff are invited to make a Red Nose themed cake/cakes for 'The Great Foreland Fields Bake Off'. There will be prizes for the best pupil/student and staff cakes. Entries will then be sold to make money for the charity. Please send entries in on the day. Please note that Foreland Fields is a nut-free school so please do not use any nut products in your cakes.


Please remember, whilst we want the day to be fun for all of our pupils and students, the reason for holding the event is to raise money for charity so please show your support.

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