Resignation of Chair of Governors

It is with much sadness that I inform you of the resignation of our Chair of Governors, Grant Mahoney. Grant has been Chair of Governors at the school since September 2015, though had been a governor at the school for a number of years beforehand. Grant informed the Governing Body of his intention to step down as Chair a few weeks ago and resigned from the post at the end of May.


Grant was an outstanding Chair who gave freely of his time to support the school in this important role. I have personally enjoyed working with Grant whose dedication to the role has impacted positively on school standards. Grant’s decision to leave was not taken lightly, but this decision to retire, not only as Chair but as a Governor also, was taken as he feels no longer able to continue to dedicate the time required to effectively fulfil the requirements of the role. Whilst Grant is no longer part of the Governing Body he will always be a friend of the school and I have no doubt that he will be working with us in some capacity within the next few years. When we finally start planning and modelling the back field, Grant’s interest and skills in horticulture will no doubt be fully utilised.


For the past few months, Foreland Fields School’s Governing Body has operated on a Co-Chair basis with Grant and Steve Pamphilon sharing the role. I am pleased to be able to announce that following Grant’s resignation, Steve offered to continue as sole Chair and was voted in by the remainder of the Governing Body.


I look forward to continuing to work with Steve, both as a Governor and in his new capacity as Chair. Steve, like Grant, will continue to work to ensure that the high standards of education and care you have come to expect from us, continue.


Should any parent/carer have an interest in joining our Governing Body, please contact the Clerk to Governors, Kay Merry, by email - Kay will then arrange for Steve to contact you for an informal chat.

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