Return to School - January 2020

You will all be aware that the Prime Minister held a briefing on Wednesday 30th December stating the contingency plans for the return of children to school from January 2021. This was due to case rates rising across the country, mainly due to the new variant of COVID-19.


This morning I met with the Senior Leadership Team to look at the guidance and consult with the Local Authority. As you can imagine, this has been a challenging time with the guidance coming out a few days before the beginning of term however, we have planned for a safe and staggered return of our pupils/students over the first week of term in order to plan and implement testing to our staff and secondary pupils.


Here is the link to the letter to parents/carers detailing our staggered return to school for all pupils from Tuesday 5th January.


Should any of you have any questions or concerns please email us on

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