School Car Park - Changes

Over the summer we have installed an additional zebra crossing. This leads from the bicycle sheds to the lower school entrance. Can I ask that you all use this, or the main zebra crossing, when walking across the car park. As you are all aware, our children are often looking at us to model appropriate behaviour and we would not want a pupil to be injured through following an adult’s example.


At the beginning and end of each day, parents/carers are welcome to park on the main school grounds and can also use the right hand side of the staff car park, which has now been reserved for visitors and parents/carers only. Could I ask that parents/carers do not park on the main road leading to Royal Harbour, even in the lay-by, as this can cause congestion and also poses a risk when entering and exiting their vehicle. Disabled spaces within the car parks are exclusively for the use of wheelchair users. These are wider than regular spaces to accommodate the additional width of vehicles plus side and back entry/exit.


Parents/carers bringing or collecting their children should enter the school using the designated pathways. We have noticed an increase in people using the vehicle entrance by the secondary building which is obviously quite dangerous as this is used by minibuses and delivery drivers.

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