Ethos & Values Statement

Our Ethos and Values

We believe that:

  • all of our pupils have the capacity to learn, are entitled to the opportunity to learn and should have access to quality education in order to enable them to learn.
  • all of our pupils should be enabled and challenged to reach their full potential.
  • many of our pupils are vulnerable – they have the right to be safe and protected.
  • each of our pupils is an individual, with individual needs – educational, social, medical, emotional and care. They have the right to have these needs met.
  • our pupils have the right to be seen as children first – rather than be defined by their disabilities.

We want our pupils:

  • to be happy, safe and secure.
  • to feel part of a community and feel valued.
  • to have flexible and appropriate inclusion opportunities.
  • to have a good quality of life and to have their needs met.
  • to be as independent as possible.
  • to have access to a quality environment and resources.
  • to have a flexible, individualised education.