Donate via JustGiving

Donate via JustGiving

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These are approximate costs for outstanding items needed:

Item  Description  Value/ Cost
White goods for kitchen Fridge, Dishwasher, washing machine, small items £2000
Gantry Hoist (large) To lift disabled people £5000
Gantry Hoist (small) To lift disabled people £3000
4 X Shipping containers Store sports equipment £5000 each
Goals/Portable goals Large, medium, small £2000
Personalised Kit/ wear For the teams/ attendees £1000
Card/contactless register For the Cafe £1000
Audio Visual equipment For the Function room £2000
Planters/trees for the horticultural sector £1000


Other / Services ( absolutely vital):

Item  Description/Value Cost
Kitchen  2 x worktops/ cupboards £1000
Installation of Kitchen/plumbing small 1 day  £400 / Volunteer
Cladding composite 200 sq Meters £5000
Installation cladding 5 days £2000/ Volunteer 
Fire Alarm  must before building opens £4000
Window and door shutters For security  £5000
Air- conditioning Vital for building regs £11000
Intruder Alarm  Vital for security  £4350
Window Guards Vital for security £2400