Out of School Activities

Children at Foreland Fields School take part in a wide range of educational journeys related to curriculum activities in the classroom. 

We believe that it is particularly important for children with learning difficulties to have an opportunity to utilise skills they have learnt in class in real life situations. Off site activities fall into 2 main areas: 

Day or Part-Day Visits 

These are visits out into the local and slightly wider community that can take place within the timing of the usual school day. They can vary from a short walk to look at autumn trees in the park to a longer bus ride to take part in an inter-school sports or music festival. 

Occasionally an earlier start or later finish than the school day is needed, e.g. to see a matinee performance at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. In all cases parents / carers will be well informed and their permission sought in advance. 

Residential Visits 

Opportunities for residential visits are given usually in the Secondary Department and Sixth Form. They provide opportunities for personal challenge, whether this is simply sleeping away from home for the first time, or trying a completely new activity such as canoeing. 

It is not possible to guarantee that every student is offered a residential journey experience, although we do try to provide opportunities that will enable students across the ability range to take part.