Bernard Sunley Foundation pledge to Field of Dreams project

Foreland Fields Charity are thrilled to announce that we have received our first pledge towards the building costs of our pavilion, the center-pin of our Field of Dreams project.

Bernard Sunley Foundation have kindly offered a pledge of £45,000 

The total build cost of the pavilion is £450,000 and the pledge from the Bernard Sunley Foundation is a very important boost to our fundraising total.

At the beginning of November (2021), 2 Foreland Fields Charity representatives, along with 5 School Council representatives, had the pleasure of meeting a Trustee from the Bernard Sunley Foundation. The School Council did a splendid job of welcoming the Trustee, and were fantastic ambassadors for the School and Field of Dreams project.

During their time with the Trustee, the School Council talked about school life, activities they enjoy, and about the Field of Dreams project and how it will make such a difference to them and the school.

After meeting with the School Council, the Foreland Fields Charity representatives spent time showing the Trustee around the School and were also able to visit the Field of Dreams site to share the project vision.

We would like to say a huge Thank You to the Bernard Sunley Foundation for their time and their very generous pledge.