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  • Ofsted/CQC Visit of Kent County Council from 27 September to 29 September 2022

    Dear Parents/Carers Re-visit of Kent County Council from 27 September to 29 September 2022. Please find below a letter from Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission who have announced that they will conduct a three-day revisit to Kent from Tuesday 27 to Thursday 29 September. Please note; this is not a school inspection. The purpose of the revisit is for inspectors to assess whether the local area has made sufficient progress in addressing the areas of significant weakness detailed in the SEND Written Statement of Action.
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  • Online Safety

    Parentsafe - Online Safety This is a great website for tips and help relating to online safety.  T hese pages are particularly useful for looking at safe settings, controls and monitoring at home.  
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  • Letter to Parents/Carers

    A letter will be coming home with your children this evening. I have attached a link to the letter on this website below. As you will see, we have now booked our fireworks event for Wednesday 2 nd November. This is always a popular event.
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  • HM The Queen Funeral

    The official date of the State Funeral of Her Majesty the Queen has been set for Monday 19th September 2022. This day will be a bank holiday and schools and colleges are to close as a mark of respect. School will therefore be closed on this date.
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  • End of Term 6 Newsletter

    The end of Term 6 Newsletter will be coming home with your child this evening. It can also be viewed on this website at the following link:   I would like to thank you all for your continued support of the school and I hope you all have a great summer. We look forward to seeing all pupils/students back in school on Monday 5 th September 2022.   Adrian
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  • School Closure 19.07.22

    In light of the continuing extreme weather warning, we have had to further review our plans. We have had issues today with air conditioning units in some of the classes for our more complex pupils/students and the engineers cannot guarantee they can identify the issue and/or fix the units before school starts tomorrow. Those classes without air conditioning have continued to increase in temperature throughout the day which has made it quite uncomfortable for our pupils/students and staff. Many of our pupils/students have struggled with not being able to go outside which has impacted on their behaviour.
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  • Severe Weather Update

    Owing to the severe weather warning, I have decided to leave the decision as to whether children attend school on Monday and Tuesday (18th and 19th July) up to parents/carers. School will be open as normal to any child that does attend. I will be authorising absence for any child whose parents choose to keep them off school. In line with school policy, could I ask that parents/carers telephone the school from 8am if they do decide to keep their children at home on Monday and Tuesday.
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  • 6th Form Graduation

    The severe weather warning for the beginning of next week continues, and we are having to review plans for the last week of term. The 6th form graduation on Tuesday was planned to be held outside. This is now not possible due to the weather warning, and we have no air conditioned spaces large enough to accommodate the amount of expected attendees. We fully appreciate how important this event is to our school leavers and their parents/carers, as many have been with us for their whole school career however, the health and safety of our students must take priority.
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  • Amber Extreme Heat Warning

    The Met Office has extended an amber extreme heat warning for Sunday 17 July, Monday 18 July and Tuesday 19 July, as temperatures will build this weekend and early next week for much of England and Wales. The met office have reported that temperatures could be in excess of 35°C in the southeast. We will be taking action in school to protect our children, which includes keeping windows open and encouraging children to stay in the shade as much as possible. It is also advised that children wear loose, light-coloured clothing which will help them keep cool.
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  • Summer Fair

    Please find attached a letter which will be coming home with your children tonight regarding next week's summer fair. Enjoy the weekend. Adrian Summer-Fair-Letter-July-2022-v2.pdf
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