Group A Streptococcus(GAS)/Scarlett Fever

You will all be aware, through the mainstream news and media, of the increasing prevalence of Group A Streptococcus(GAS)/Scarlett Fever. We have today received advice from the UK Health Security Agency (see attached documents).

We do not want to alarm anyone. Nationally, there has currently been a very small number of cases which have led to serious illness. However, given the inherent vulnerabilities of our pupils, it would seem sensible to take the relevant precautions.

In nurseries and schools, it is recognised that infections can be spread through direct physical contact between children and staff.

Please can all parents and carers support and follow all of the following UK Health Security Agency control measures:

1. Please let the school office know immediately if your child has Group A Streptococcus (GAS)/Scarlett Fever or Chicken Pox.

2. Sore throat: parents should follow NHS advice about when to contact their GP or NHS 111 if they are concerned; NHS advice is that children with sore throat and fever should not attend school until well.

3. Children and adults with streptococcal throat infection (as confirmed by a clinician) or scarlet fever should not return to nursery or school until at least 24 hours after starting treatment with an appropriate antibiotic (after 48 hours if treated for impetigo).

Additionally, at school we will be following these steps:

1. Hand hygiene – use liquid soap and water followed by method of drying, preferably paper towels.

2. Increase frequency and enhanced cleaning of key areas, especially bathrooms and all-touch surfaces.
Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette (Catch It Bin It, Kill It.).

3. First Aiders and Health Care assistants will be reminded that all scrapes or wounds, especially bites, should be thoroughly cleaned and covered.

Please also attached the UK Health Security Agency Communications Support Pack. This is a very useful and clear document that we recommend you read.

Please contact Jeremy Edwards via the school office if you have any questions.