Charging and Remissions

The very special needs of the pupils who attend Foreland Fields School mean that a very wide range of educational activities are provided. Some of these will be educational journeys and outings, which could incur additional costs which are beyond the school's usual cash resources. 

In these cases where educational journeys or outings require additional funding it is appropriate to ask parents to make a voluntary contribution towards all or part of those costs. However, it must be emphasised that a parental inability to make a contribution will not result in a child being excluded from an activity. 

In the event of a parental contribution not being available the additional necessary funds will be sought from other sources. If a failure to obtain such funds threatens the viability of the activity then the activity may have to be cancelled. 

When determining the additional costs of any educational activity it is often appropriate to include the cost of necessary staff participation and to include this in any proposal for a voluntary contribution from parents, or a subsidy from any other source. It is important to ensure that staff do not incur personal expenditure as a result of carrying out necessary duties, particularly when staff often already contribute so much of their own time for such activities. 

A more detailed ‘Charging and Remissions Policy’ is available here. Alternatively, parents/carers can request a copy from the main school office. 

School Voluntary Fund 

A voluntary contribution towards School Fund will be requested from parents. The amounts will vary according to which age group or key stage the pupil is in. We currently request a voluntary donation of:

Nursery: £4 bi-termly - £12 per Year

KS1: £4 bi-termly - £12 per Year

KS2: £4 bi-termly - £12 per Year

KS3: £5 bi-termly - £15 per Year

KS4: £6 bi-termly - £18 per Year

Saxon House: £8 bi-termly - £24 per Year

As shown, the contribution can either be made in three sections i.e. bi-termly or as a single annual payment.

The money goes towards funding various off-site activities, extra-curricular activities and special events.

Children of parents that do not contribute towards the fund will have equal access to activities.