School Times and Registration

Foreland Fields School opens at 8.30am and finishes at 2.50pm. Each Thursday the school closes at 2.00pm.


At Foreland Fields School, we like to ensure that all pupils and students arrive promptly as it is important that they start the day with the rest of their class. 


Children sometimes take part in special activities, which require special arrangements, e.g. different start and finish times. On these occasions, Class Teachers will discuss details with parents well in advance of the date. 


A recreational break takes place for 15 minutes each morning and a 30 minute break takes place after lunch. Lunchtime is regarded as an integral part of the educational day when children are taught and encouraged to further develop self-help and social skills. Additional staff are employed at lunchtimes in order that we can ensure pupils and students are adequately supervised whilst Teachers and Classroom Assistants have a break.