Nikki Gray - Special, language and Communication Need (SLCN) Lead

Nikki Gray has overview and lead of all matters related to Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN), including how these needs are best met within our curriculum pathways. Nikki works closely with Parents/Carers, NHS S&LT’s and the Kent CAT Team to ensure a ‘total communication’ approach is achieved.  Alongside Fran Raven, she is a Makaton trainer providing training both in-house and in the local community.  Nikki provides a range of small group intervention sessions.  As of September 2022 the school is seeking to directly employ a Speech and Language Therapist to deliver further intervention work.



Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistant

Louisa Grimshaw

Louisa works closely with the NHS Occupational and Physical therapists, parents/carers and class based staff to ensure pupils' programmes are embedded with their daily provision. Louisa also has oversight of Hydrotherapy.


MOVE – Movement for learning and life

Katrina Farley and April Tumber

Katrina and April work with class teams to put in place the MOVE programme, which is an activity based framework that enables disabled young people to gain independent sitting, standing, walking and transferring skills.



Moving and Handling Team

Lead by Sarah Thorp and Chris Holmes, our Moving and Handling team are trained to put in place training and risk assessments to ensure that pupils are supported in a safe manner.