Our Lead for Careers is Leader of Learning Helen Newman





The majority of our pupils stay at the school until they are 19 and a real concern of parents and staff is to fully prepare them for adult life - ensuring that suitable adult care and occupational opportunities are set up in good time.

Some students may be suited to go on to full-time Further Education courses, in which case we would seek an opportunity in local colleges or more distant specialist facilities.

This planning process begins at a pupil’s Annual Review of Statement/EHCP around the age of 14 when a ‘Transition Plan’ is prepared which begins to outline firstly the anticipated point at which the young person will leave school and the nature of the services they will require in adulthood. 

The plan is reconsidered and updated at each subsequent Annual Review with relevant professionals / agencies being included.

Schools have a duty to provide impartial careers guidance for students. Foreland Fields School’s impartial careers guidance is provided by Education Business Partnership (EBP) Kent. EBK is a member of the Institute for Education Business Excellence, working to nationally recognised standards and the latest government related policy and directives. EBP provides students with access through a careers advisor who visits the school throughout the year and meets with students and parents/carers. The advisor also helps to secure appropriate work experience opportunities for pupils within the local area.