Foreland Fields School 6th Form

Staying at school

A number of our students choose to move into our Sixth Form at Foreland Fields School. Staying in school offers structure and familiarity and students get to stay with their friends and teachers.  This will be discussed and agreed with the student’s class teacher / Pathway Lead (Leader of Learning).


Foreland Fields Sixth Form

The 6th Form Pioneers curriculum focuses on the development of life skills, social skills and work-related learning in order to support students’ transition to further education or work. Students following the Pioneers Pathway will have opportunities to gain accreditation (Pearson Edexcel academic and vocational qualifications) in maths, English, ICT and pre-vocational studies. Students will also have opportunities to work towards the Duke of Edinburgh and the Unit Awards Schemes.

The curriculum offers opportunities for students to:

  • Develop independence
  • Make personal choices
  • Develop appropriate relationships with others
  • Develop life skills
  • To prepare for the world of work
  • Understand what happens after Foreland Fields School and prepare for adulthood
  • Develop pre-vocational skills
  • Enjoy their leisure time
  • Develop community links
  • Grow and develop in an age-appropriate environment.
Programmes of Study

Students are given a wide range of choice regarding the programmes they follow and their programmes of study are personalised and tailored to their interests.

Students will follow one of the following pathways;

  • The Explorers Pathway is students aiming for greater independence with their communication, social and personal skills, physical skills and life skills. These students benefit from a Sensory/therapy based curriculum and require essential programmes including, for example, Physiotherapy, Communication and Self Care.
  • The Discoverers Pathway is for students aiming for independent living. They will focus on developing functional skills including travel training, shopping and cooking, through a semi-formal curriculum using the Equals schemes of work. They will also have opportunities to work towards the AQA Unit Award Scheme and participate in leisure activities and work related experiences.
  • The Adventurers Pathway from September 2022 is for students aiming for self-regulation and positive relationships. They will focus on developing early communication skills, play skills, engagement and independence skills. Some students will have opportunities to work towards AQA unit awards.
  • The Pioneers Pathway is followed by students who are likely to go on to a further education course or seek employment and are aiming for the world of work. As well as accredited courses, students will also have opportunities to work towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the AQA Unit Award Scheme. Students will have opportunities for work related experiences, including supported internships.