Pioneers’ Pathway


Aiming for the World of Work


Students following the Pioneers’ Pathway will be working within National Curriculum levels. We recognise that although these students are able to engage in subject based learning and to make linear progress, they will still have significant difficulties with developing the key skills that will enable them to function independently as adults. We are therefore implementing a formal curriculum, based on National Curriculum subject based learning that emphasises communication, life skills, independence, health and well-being and functional skills.


Learning will be organised into traditional subject areas:



Students following the Pioneers’ Pathway may be included in our satellite provisions at Garlinge Primary School or Hartsdown Secondary School.

Students in Sixth Form may attend East Kent College to complete ICT accreditation.



Depending on the needs of the individual student, they make take some of the following accreditation.


Work Experience and Supported Internships

Students will have a range of opportunities to prepare them for the world of work. These experiences will be personalised to meet the needs and interests of individual students.

These experiences may include:

Our Impact – how we know that our students are making progress

We will use a basket of indicators to tell the full story of each student’s unique learning journey.

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