National Careers Week - Volunteers Needed

22nd Feb 2023

National Careers Week 6th March – 10th March

Volunteers needed!

National Careers Week is a country-wide one-week celebration of jobs and careers, and schools from all over the country take part.

At Foreland Fields School, our aim is to support young people in developing an awareness and excitement about their future pathways, whatever that might look like.

All classes will take part in a way that is appropriate and meaningful for them and their teachers will provide resources that engage them and make it fun. Last year we had budding chefs and tiny police officers!

What we would like to do this year is invite parents and carers in to talk to small groups of students about their career path. This might be anything from running your own business, to working in a restaurant or a supermarket. It could be that you have had multiple jobs and I think it’s important for students to see that they don’t have to just do one thing when they leave school there are lots of options for them post-Foreland.

If you would like to speak to our students about your job/business/career, please be brave and contact me and we can talk about it further!

Many thanks

Helen Newman

Leader of Learning, Pioneers Pathway