Satellite Provision - Meetings

4th Jul 2023

A letter will be coming home this evening to all parents/carers of children who are/will be in our satellite provision in September 2023. The letter can be accessed here: Satellite-Provision-Letter-to-Parents-June-2023-v2.pdf

The letter details meetings at each satellite class for parents/carers to visit their child’s class and meet with teachers. Please note, this is in addition to the open evening event planned for this Thursday, which all parents/carers are also welcome to attend.

The days/times of the meetings are:
Garlinge Year R/Key Stage 1 (Purple Class) Wednesday 12th July at 3.15pm
Garlinge Key Stage 2 (Natalie Rowe’s Class) Tuesday 11th July at 3.15pm
Hartsdown Academy (Ian White’s Class) Monday 10th at 3.15pm
East Kent College (Suzanne Yardley and Helen Newman’s classes) Monday 10th at 3.15pm

Any child that is moving provision should be collected from their current school and taken to the new one. Any child who is remaining at the same provision can stay in class at the end of school to be met by parents/carers at 3.15pm. Parents should notify transport providers if their children will not be coming home on transport on the night.

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you require further clarification.